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Do N
ot Buy Refurbished Desktop Computers 
or Laptops) If...

1) You Prefer Hi-tech To Low Price

For many, the hunt for refurbished desktop computers or even used laptops is all about saving money. Suppliers have lower costs to recoup for marketing glitz, store overhead, or high sales commissions. So the savings on almost all reconditioned PC equipment are significant.

You'll also save because margins are razor thin. Refurbished desktops can be had for as low as $200, and used laptops as low as $500.

The few suppliers are relatively small operations, and they have to keep costs on used computer equipment low to compete with the advertising and glitz of new models.

Sure, there are great deals on new PCs too. But remember that the new model loses a good chunk of value as soon as it leaves the new PC showroom.

2) You Don't Mind Buying More Than You Need

New PCs often contain components that arenít the type or brand youíre looking for or need. Do you really need a 64Mb video card? Or a floppy drive?

There is enough variety among refurbished desktop computers, that you'll most likely find exactly what you need. Although quantities can vary, there are plenty of choices  in type of drives, amount of storage, processor speed, and RAM.

And since most used desktops include only the basics, you can save even more money by adding or upgrading to get the 'perfect fit'.

3) You Think Recycling Refurbished Desktop Computers Is A Bad Thing

If you already own a desktop that you are ready to replace, what are your options ? You can sell it, or throw if out.

Or you can recycle, and keep those perfectly good components that still have plenty of life in them. That keyboard and mouse will fit anything you buy. Monitors outlast most computers, and have a much longer life before becoming obsolete.

All these items can add $300 to the cost of a new system, and most used computers do not come with these peripherals. If you don't need them, don't pay for them. Use what you have, then take that $300 and get yourself some new software or bigger monitor.

And what if you need to upgrade ? You can save even more money with great deals on used parts. Why not refurbish your desktop yourself ? Its easy to fine a name brand 15Ē monitor plus mouse and keyboard for about $100.

4) You Don't Mind Paying For Software You Donít Need Or Want

Iíve said elsewhere that your software needs should determine your hardware choice. If you're shopping for reconditioned computers, you probably already have an Operating System and office suite that meets your needs. It will more than likely fit an older used laptop or desktop.

Most new systems come with bundles of "free" software that you will delete or never use. Still, the cost of that ďfreeĒ software is built into the system price. Often, itís an OEM version. OEM software is legal and performs just as well, but consider:

  • It is the retailer not the manufacturer, thatís must support OEM software. Can your desktop PC retailer do that?
  • Documentation is usually sparse, and you don't always get the original CDs.

However, pre-owned desktop PCs keep costs down by leaving the software out.

My advice? Keep the software you already have. Upgrade if necessary. Get a refurbished desktop computer. Load it, and go.

5) You Don't Care About Getting A Deeper Knowledge Of Your PC

There is no better way to learn than reconditioning your own desktop computer. Don't worry if youíre a techno-novice. Get a basic system, then buy some used components, and add only what you need and are comfortable with. Soon you'll have your own 'new' rebuilt desk top computer.

Why limit yourself to the monitor brand or size that comes standard with new computers ? How about a used monitor for half the price ? Adding more RAM is easy. Add a floppy or hard drive to that empty bay if you need more capacity. Many online sources also stock reconditioned computer parts. Its fun to customize your PC any way you want.

6) How About The Satisfaction of Finding A Great Computer Bargain?

Yes, it can be fun to scavenge. Shopping for refurbished desktop computers can be like hunting for antiques or scouring flea markets.

Outstanding bargains on older PC equpment are out there. So browse the rest of this site, and Iíll point you lots of opportunities.

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