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Is There Really Such A Thing As
Reliable Refurbished Computers ?

Of course, the idea of buying anything pre-owned like “used” or “refurbished computers” may seem like buying a used car. You can save lots of money, but what about reliability ? Are there really cheap computers that are reliable ? The answer is "Absolutely!".

So Where Do Refurbished Computers come from ?

  1. Many of the best refurbished computers are the result of corporate upgrades, or expired leases. These off-lease desktops and laptops have been well cared for, and have been returned only because the company has a need to upgrade. They are usually picked up by computer shops that repair and rebuild them, then either sell direct to consumers or to another retail outlet.
  2. A small percentage were returned because something didn't work properly, However, all of the suppliers I discuss in this Used Computers Guide have been given a thorough cleaning and testing. Then they are repaired if needed, reconditioned, and brought up to original manufacturer specification. They are then sold as “rebuilt” or “refurbished computers”.
  3. Some have a cosmetic blemish, typically a scratch on the case, and can't be sold as new. And the tiniest of blemishes will make many consumers return a perfectly good PC.
  4. There are also “used computers” that were actually returned as the wrong model. The box was opened - nothing more.
  5. Many still work perfectly, but became "obsolete" simply because they are no longer the newest or the fastest. These are your typical consumer trade-ins. The truly cheap computers are those that have older technology, less storage, and overall less power. But the are still ideal for the right needs.
  6. Other refurbished computers were once used as floor models or demos for various retail outlets. Such demo units are considered to be refurbished PC equipment, and can’t be sold as new.

Can you find refurbished computers that are both reliable and cheap ? Absolutely !

All of these sources give you an opportunity to find a reliable and cheap computer. And all of them come with a warranty, or even a money-back guarantee. There is no reason not to have excellent quality, performance, durability, and a great price.  

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