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Refurbished Monitors

Reliable Refurbished Computer Monitors
n A Shoestring Budget

Presumably you are shopping for used computer parts to save money. Quality used monitors, and even refurbished LCDs fit perfectly into that plan. In your quest to save money, don't skimp on the display - it is the single most important connection between you and your PC.

Virtually all used monitors can be used on any similar PC, no matter whether the computer is new or used. Monitors are easily carried over to a new machine or used after an upgrade. So purchased name-brand used monitors hold their value very well.

Solid 15" used monitors can be found for less than $100. And 17-19" models go for $200-300 more. So buy the best you can afford, and you'll actually save money over the long term. And what about those refurbished LCD monitors ?

Refurbished LCD Monitors: Thin Is in !

The big CRTs are chosen less often by new system buyers. That means a great market in used monitors, so you'll have no problem finding them with huge discounts.

On the other hand, Liquid Crystal Displays are hot. They save space, save electricity, and have crisper images.

The technology is relatively new, and their popularity is growing. This means that there are far fewer choices in refurbished LCD monitors. As with new models, LCDs are priced than other used monitors. But more people realize that paying a $200-300 more for a flat panel display is still a great deal.

One caution: Some vendors offer budget 'flat panels' for sale. But don't assume these are LCDs. Some are regular CRTs, made with standard CRT technology, but use a flat screen rather than the typical concave screen. There is nothing wrong with this technology, as long as you aren't fooled into thinking you are getting an LCD.

Guidelines For Choosing Used Monitors

  • Size Matters - Many 15" used monitors are well below $100. So ignore the 14" displays - they’re too small, and not much cheaper. A 17" display is the price sweet spot.
  • Watch shipping charges - Sometimes it's free. But since CRTs are so bulky, shipping charges can add a significant percentage to their cost.
  • Technological obsolescence develops much slower than for most other major components. That's why used monitors are such great deals. A monitor can last several years without losing functionality, so spending a little more is a good investment.
  • Get the highest resolution you can afford. Eye comfort makes your computer experience more enjoyable.

Used monitors are one of the easiest ways to save good money. And if you're lucky enough to find a goof refurbished LCD monitor, you'll have the best of both high technology and low cost.

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