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Refurbished Laptops: The Most Cost-Effective Way To Get Cheap Laptop Computers

Shopping for good cheap refurbished laptops ? Whether you call them
laptops or notebooks, they are the most cost effective way to add mobility and flexibility to your computing work or play. Some people buy refurbished laptops to supplement or to network with primary desktop systems. Others view cheap laptops as an excellent replacement for an old desktop.

Many refurbished laptops come from trade-ins or have come off lease. That means that these notebook computers are usually around 3 years old, and have plenty of life left in them. The technology is still good, and most have been well-maintained.

Refurbished laptops cost a fraction of new ones and work great for even the most demanding users. Good cheap laptops are snatched up quickly, so at times there are few truly low cost laptops out there.

But don't worry. I'll show you where to find some outstanding bargains in all price ranges. Now take a look at some of the recommendations I've listed below.

Shopping For Refurbished Laptops

Except for those labeled " cheap laptops", most refurbished laptops ship with their original operating system. And since the runover in laptops is slightly higher than desktops, you'll find a very good variety to choose from.

Basic Refurbished Laptops : ($300 - $700) These have Pentium 2 or 3 processors, with small to midsize drives. Among the new machines in this price range, many use Centrino technology. Most have 512 Mb of RAM, and come with the 14" LCD screens. 

Mid-Range Laptops : ($ 700 - $1,200) Machines in this range are solid all-purpose computers with Pentium 3/4 processors. They are great for all but the most intense games and programs. Some have up to 1.0 Gb of memory, and you should find many with larger 15" LCD screens.

High-Performance Refurbished Laptops : (Over $1,200) More power, more accessories, and usually loaded with media features. Many are high-end Sony VAIO or HP laptops.


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