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More Good Reasons To Shop
For Used Computers


Those of us who have owned a refurbished PC already know the incredible benefits. We know where to find the bargains, and why used computers can be such great deals. But for the rest, take a good read through this site.

More Good Reasons To Shop For Used Computers

1. Used computers are perfect if your needs are basic and you don't want to spend a fortune on the biggest and fastest ... yet ;).

Not everyone needs all the blazing speed, or the mega drive. Of course, the ads tout the latest technology, but find the best shoe to fit their own foot - not just the shiniest one.

When you know more about exactly where you'll need the 'big gun', go ahead and get the top of the line.

2. You need a "starter" system for your child or spouse - a cheap computer is the perfect introduction to basic computer skills.

When my daughter first wanted to surf the net, do email, and have online chat sessions with her friends, a used Pentium II computer was ideal. And when the time is right, you can increase your savings with a few simple upgrades.
Budget used computers are the ideal starting point for someone who may still be techno-phobic. Try it, play with it. Don't be afraid to break it.

(On a personal note, a rebuilt computer was a perfect choice for my senior citizen parents. They had no computer experience, and felt much more comfortable playing with it and not having to worry about 'breaking' an expensive piece of technology.)

3. You're tired of hearing "When is it my turn?"

 Like many other important items in a family, valuable resources must be shared. Having to share or compete for computer time is an unnecessary aggravation. A used PC makes an excellent and economical choice when a second PC is needed. And it can fit right in with your home wired or wireless network.

4. You have a special need (another OS, firewall, server, etc), and don't need the frills of a new system.

You'd be surprised at the number of people with more than one PC. For the hobbyist or the more technical person, a low-end cheap computer makes an excellent toy with which to tinker. Experiment with new software, set up your own home server, or just use it to learn.

5. You need a laptop for travel, or to network back to your home or office system.

This is an obvious one. A good refurbished laptop with a network card and comfortable screen is a natural choice for those who have to take their work with them. Laptops have been built extra lite for travelers, and as bigger replacements for desktop machines. And of course, don't forget the student who needs to take computing power with him. There is no better solution when portability is required.

The choices in used computers, both desktops and laptops are sufficient to meet almost any need. Consider them a perfect compromise between price, flexibility, and function.

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