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Dell Computers And Laptops
re Among The Most Popular Of All Cheap PCs-
And For Good Reason

Dell desktops and laptops have earned a commanding share of the PC market because of reliability, flexibility, and support. And with a loyal following, refurbished Dell computers are always in high demand. Yet because of the huge numbers in the market, refurbished Dell computers can be found in a variety of configurations, and at bargain prices.


Almost 82% of the company'sl revenues come from business customers. And most Dell refurbished computers
especially laptops, are either end-of-lease business machines or the result of company upgrades.

The good news here is that these systems have been well-maintained and cared for.

There are several classes of Dell equipment, each geared toward a specific market:

Refurbished Dell Computers: The Desktops

  • Dimension The star of all cheap Dell computers, Dimension models range from very economical to high-performance. It is most popular among home users, but is also ideal for home office or casual user.
  • OptiPlex - The OptiPlex are about as widely available as Dimensions. Designed for corporate users, these Dell desktops are reliable, provide solid networking features, and have a smaller footprint. Their case design also allows for quick access for upgrades and repair. Most used Dell Optiplex are canceled orders or were returned when their leases ended.
  • Precision Very difficult to find on the reconditioned computer market, the Precision is a powerful workstation with dual-cpu capability - run it as it is or add a second CPU to drive up the speed. These workstations have larger and faster hard drives, plenty of RAM, and sometimes come with Intel Xeon processors.

Pre-owned Dell Laptops

  • Latitude This is the top-of-the-line professional grade system, and is the most common among all refurbished Dell laptops. It was designed for business customers who place a high priority on reliability and price. Most refurbished Latitudes are off-lease computers.
  • Inspiron The least available among all used Dell laptops, the Inspiron is a high-end notebook with a variety of connectivity and media options.
There is no other brand that offers the variety and consistent quality as refurbished Dell computers.

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