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Finding the best deals and most reliable sources

Although refurbished computers can be bought from discount warehouses, and shopping or auction sites, the choice deals - the truly cheap used desktops, are not easy to find. Prices are rock-bottom on all rebuilt computers, margins are thin, and supplies are limited, so most PC vendors prefer to push new systems.

Refurbished Computers: What Are The Options ?

Choices on refurbished desktop and laptop computers are limited to the systems that happen to be available at any given time. However, while total inventory is limited, you can find almost every combination of brand, processor, and other components

Many used PC models, come without an operating system, monitor, keyboard or mouse. This is true of all the systems in the cheap computers category below. So use what you already have. There are however, some “system bundles” that are ready to go right out of the box,.

If you’re shopping for cheap used desktops, you can still find XP running on a 400 MHz laptop with 256 MB RAM and 10 GB HD. But in general, the prices are so low that I would recommend getting a Pentium-III running at least 600 MHz, 256 MB RAM, and 20 GB hard drive.

The following are examples of high-quality systems from excellent suppliers.

What can you expect to pay ?

Basic Desktops: ($300 - $500) Good choices in this group will typically have Pentium 2 or 3 processors, with small to midsize drives ranging from 40-80Gb. Most come with about 512Mb of RAM, as well as CD-RW or DVD units. Watch for those that not include an operating system.

Mid-Range Used Desktops: ($ 500 - $700) These are all-purpose systems with Pentium 3 or 4 processors. They are great for all the regular Windows programs, but may be a bit slow for games and some media applications. Most will have a Windows OS inlcluded, and larger disk drives.

High Performance Refurbished Computers : (Over $700). These are not "cheap" desktops, but the machinesin this group will have plenty of recent technology, and are usually fully loaded with good video and memory. Many will have decent monitors included. 

Remember: Used and refurbished computers move quickly so if you see what you want, in your price and feature range, grab it !

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