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Why Some People Miss The Best Deals In

Cheap Laptops
and Desktop Computers

Cheap laptops and desktops are in such high demand simply because there are excellent values available, and no one wants to pay more than necessary. New technology continues to put downward pressure on both new and used system prices.

Whether you shop for new or used, a good quality cheap laptop at the lower end of the technology spectrum can more than meet the needs of most people. 

The same is true for budget desktop computers. Yet, most people continue to buy more processor, more speed, more add-ons than they will really learn to use effectively.

Like the big fish that we let get away, here are...

3 Reasons People Let The Best Cheap Laptops Get Away

1) They keep waiting for the 'super deal' or the 'perfect' system. " Prices continue to fall, so why not wait and watch for cheaper deals?"

But ...

  • Supplies of heavily discounted laptops don't tend to last long. In the case of used systems, only a few are found in a given model and configuration at any given time. So if you shop or pause to think too long, you may miss out.
  • Prices on budget laptops and desktops don't bounce around too much. Searching to save another hundred dollars on a $ 500 computer is not worth the risk. If it's a good deal, it'll be gone soon.

2) They can't resist the newer and faster. "Why not spend a few hundred $$$ more and buy a brand new PC with all new technology? Besides, isn't a discount computer also a poor performer ?"


  • With CPU speeds now over 3GHz, you can save good money by lowering the throttle. Besides, new and faster chips mean great discount prices on refurbished laptops, last years' model, or low-end technology.
  • Most software runs fine on slower CPUs. Even Windows XP works well on a 600 MHz CPU with 256K of RAM. And are you sure you can tell tell the difference between a 2.7 and a 3.0GHz processor?
  • RAM can make a huge difference. Even on the least expensive desktop or laptop, an extra 128MB of memory is cheap and could produce just as big a performance increase as a faster CPU.

3) They feel like they're missing out on the latest toys. "How can anyone really live without the DVD-RW, hottest sound card, LCD monitor, or all those USB ports?"

But ...

  • Used computer systems cost a fraction of new, plus, many have some of the same high-end features as newer ones. Since much of the profit margin on new systems is in the add-ons, you'll save money by adding only what you really want to that bargain laptop.
  • The so-called "cheap laptops" may be just a couple steps behind the hottest model. Or it may weight a bit more, and have a smaller screen. Just think about what is really important to you
  • Have you ever figured out just how much those extra toys and high-tech features add to the cost of a new PC ? Enough said. 

Still, the most important reason people will miss the best deals is because cheap laptops and desktops simply don't stay around long. Keep your eyes peeled, and jump when the right match for you comes along.

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