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    Choices In Used Dell Computers

    There Are Excellent Choices Among Used Dell Computers:
    Dimension, Optiplex, and Precision

    Used Dell: Dimension Desktops

  • The star of all Dell computers, the Dimension line has been the most popular series of desktops in Dell’s history. There are more used Dell computers in this model than any other. It is most popular among home users, but is also ideal for home office, or small business use. Among used Dell computers, the Dimension has the popularity and a solid reputation.

  • You’ll find a whole range of used Dell Dimensions. Shoppers have had great flexibility in customizing them, and for that reason, there is a nice variety of configurations and options, from very low-end to high-performance. And unlike the Optiplex models, refurbished Dimensions appear at a fairly steady rate on the used equipment market.

  • That means you’ll find them in all price categories. Like all used Dell computers, these desktops come and go quickly. So give some thought to what you want, take a look at my current recommendations, and grab one that has fits your need.

  • Used Dell Computers: Optiplex Desktops

  • Dell Optiplex series is an attractive series of PCs primarily aimed at the business market. For that reason, the used Dell Optiplex systems you’ll find are sometimes referred to as off-lease computers - they’ve have been replaced during business IT upgrades

  • The various Optiplex case types are stylish and designed to take up minimal desk space. And because most business computers are kept under regular maintenance agreements, these desktops have been well taken care of.

  • Used Optiplex computers were designed for server-based networks. They are network optimized, have a very compact design, and their case design allows quick access for upgrades and repair..

  • Due to their use in business environments, you will not find theses refurbished desktops in as many different configurations as the Dimension line. But they do tend to appear in spurts, and at extremely good prices.

  • Two of the more common models, the Dell Optiplex GX50 and Optiplex GX150, have been built for corporate use, many do not have CD-ROM drives. So if you need one of these you should look at some of the other Dell used computers.
  • Used Dell Computers: Precision Workstations

  • The Precision is a powerful workstation with dual-cpu capability. You can run it as it is, or add a second CPU to drive up the speed. They are ISV certified to run the most demanding applications – generally graphics applications, so they have larger and faster hard drives, plenty of RAM, and sometimes come with Intel Xeon processors.

  • Among all used Dell computers, these are a rare find. But if you need a workstation, and don’t want to spend the big money for a new one, keep an eye open for the Precision.

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