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HP and Dell Recycles Used Computers
Recycling Used Computers Just Became Easier

Last summer, both Hewlet-Packard and Dell announced new promotions to encourage the recycling of obsolete and used computers.

Despite the dangers and problems of used computer recycling, and the growing number or organizations who accept and find new uses for old equipment, public pressure is mounting. Activists are calling for more regulation, so it only makes sense for manufacturers to work on solutions now before a solution is forced on them.

Hewlet-Packard: HP has teamed up with Office Depot. A customer can drop off almost any electronics item at any one of the Office Deopt stores, which will then pack and ship the equipment to one of two HP recycling centers - all for free.

Dell: Under the Dell program, anyone who buys a new Dell PC can simply pack the old one in the same box and ship it back to Dell. This program is also free.

Both Dell and HP's programs for recycling used computers are targed at individual users and small businesses.

What's The Motive ?

Both companies usually charge $15-50 to recylce used computers, and shipping heavy equipment is expensive. So with a little effort, consumers can save a few bucks.

More importantly, these programs are designed to raise awareness, as well as stimulating the market for recyclable materials that can be incorporated into new products.

And of course, recycling is always good publicity for manufacturers. It's politically correct, and helps avoid the negative publicity that can come when a pile of incorrectly discarded computers are discovered and traced back to specific manufacturers.

These programs also may make it easier for larger companies to step into the recycling game. National programs, help companies centralize and coordinate their efforts, rather than leaving it up to individual offices to work with local recylcers.

t is unknown when the offer will expire, so if you paln to purchase a new PC in the next month or two, keep these used computer recycling offeres in mind.

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